What are you doing to make your company or brand stand out from your competition? Have you ever thought about animated videos? Animated video marketing is the wave of the future on both websites and social media. With over 90% of all internet marketing being video based, marketing experts agree that video marketing, especially animation, are the expected component of every website; and, it is expected that in 2018 video through internet will represent 74% of all internet traffic.

What we need from you:San diego video company web design

  • Determine whom your market is, as you know your industry best.
  • Take some clear Hi-Resolution photos of the background that you would like to use, such as your office space.
  • Choose you character [i will put the character page] or send us a picture of yourself or another employee, and we will create a character for you.
  • Answer some simple questions on what you are trying to accomplish with this video series.

We will take care of the rest for you with our professional in-house developers and send you a draft in 5-10 business days.


Traditional marketing outlets are fading and new social media opportunities are rising quickly. With the rise in popularity among smart phone users, marketers need to adapt to this changing environment. It is expected that US companies will spend 40 BILLION dollars this year on mobile ads. Consumers are averaging 3 hours and 15 minutes each day on their smart phones and of that time–it is estimated that the average user will spend up to 36 minutes EACH DAY watching videos. Can you afford not to be in that ad space?

Research also shows that a one minute video is more effective than 8 MILLION words ! So why not use the power of video and animation to take your company to the next level? Click the link below to get on the path to reaching these millions of customers with our team of professionals.