Adweek has an article concerning 7 big trends that are influencing the future of online advertising.

1. Desktop ad revenue is relatively flat, while mobile is exploding
Making it imperative to have your online presence mobile friendly.

2. It’s Google and Facebook’s game to win,
Google + Facebook = 76% (&Rising) Share of Internet Advertising Growth, USA
Social Network presence and interaction with your audience is an increasing must.

3. Consumers are annoyed by online ads
Ad blockers are on the rise, so quality content and interaction with your audience is imperative to reach your target audience.

4. Mobile rules for ad blocking
Point 3 is even more crucial on mobile platform.

5. Shorter is better
Time span is shorter so you have to grab attention is the shortest amount of time.

6. Millennials are still on Facebook
Predictions of millennials leaving their Facebook activity behind as they grow old doesn’t seem to have yet happened.

7. Chat is the future
Messaging continues ti Grow Rapidly.. Leaders = WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/WeChat
As interaction on social networking occurs at a faster pace, so emerges faster interaction platform.