As the article in indicates “Marketing your Business on the web is not a matter of choice anymore”. The vast majority of consumers proceed with a search before making a purchase.

In order to build your online presence there are some necessary steps:

  • Determine Your Ideal Customer Profile. (By doing so you will be able to create content that is relevant to your target audience).
  • Make a strong First Impression with Your Website. (As for any websites, there is a really short amount of time to grab the attention of a visitor – specially when on the go). This include that your website has to be fast, look professional and is mobile-friendly.
  • Identify the Most Profitable Social Media Platforms for Your Business. Focus first where your audience is, will help you focus your effort, you can afterward widened your social platform coverage over time.
  • Use Blogging as a Traffic and Lead Generation Engine. Content that is relevant to your target audience will attract more visitors that are more likely to buy your service/product.
  • Re-purpose Content to Expand Your Reach. As the information might be missed, changing it forms can improve the chances of this information reaching your target.
  • Use Incentives to Build Your Email List From the First Day. Some of the information can be provided on a conveniently packaged pdf doc/ebook, etc.. when the audience provides an email. This will allow you to reach out when launching new product/services.