As Social Media marketing is becoming essential, even to small businesses, has an article concerning 6 Social Media Marketing Tips and Tools. In a nutshell those are:

1. Find Good and Reliable Tools to Help Manage Email and Social Media Marketing

Tools like MailChimp (an email mailer if you have an email distribution list to manage) and DrumUp (allows to manage multiple social platforms), will help you manage your day to day activities.

2. Set Up Social Listening Mechanisms Early on to Stay on Top of Mentions and Responses

Watch for keywords trend, it will help you with your blogs and engage more effectively with your audience.

3. Leverage Social Media Platforms to Extend Effective Customer Care

Since it allows direct communication and sharing of information, more and more companies use social media to provide customer service to their customers.

4. Introduce Analytics Into the Mix for Valuable Marketing Insights

Google analytics will help you identifying who is your audience and their habits.

5. Encourage Social Connections So as to Create More User-Generated Content

Engaging your audience in a conversation will allow you to use user-generated content: encourage social shares and interaction in order to built a highly valuable “social capital”. Let people social media interactions work for you.

6. Pre-Empt Your Marketing Hang Ups With Clear Cut Fore-Planning

The most important tip, planning will ensure that you can keep the momentum, which is important in order to keep your audience interested. If during the planning phase you have access to market research, you will be able to target from the start your audience and therefore have a more effective interaction with your audience.