Since facebook has introduced the possibility to upload video content, it quickly became a major online video player. Facebook boasts 8 billion video views per day. The social examiner has a post about 6 ways to use facebook video.

1: Address Blog Comments
A way to make it personal and show that you valued your audience feedback and comments is to answer those with a video.

2: Give an Inside Look at Your Business
Showing how your company works is an occasion to show what you can do for your clients.

3: Promote Your Upcoming Event

Video can catch the attention of more people (since you can use audio to catch their attention).

4: Tease New Products

Video can help you present a product that photo or text might limit you otherwise.

5: Answer FAQs

Since you want to more people to have access to this information, video can help you to reach out more people.

6: Engage With Your Facebook Group Members
With facebook video live, you can engage in live conversation that will help you keep your audience interested.