Forbe has an article about ways to Make Social Media Trolls Go Away With These 5 Tips. As highlighted recently in the media, a large portion of online consumer based their choice on the review they read in social platform, as well as on review sites (in places like yelp for example). It is therefore crucial to have a presence there as well.

  • 1. Listen: The first thing you need to do seems obvious, but it’s listen. I’m sure many of you are already listening on social media but have a team watching what people are saying about your brand.
  • 2. Evaluate: Did you screw up? Better to admit it earlier than wait until it builds and builds and builds.
  • 3. Don’t Respond: If it’s just one person being a jerk, it can be best to ignore them. A bully always wants some action. If you give them anything to work with, they’re going to use that as more kindling for their fire. (This is obviously in the case of an “internet troll“)
  • 4. Respond: If the troll has identified a real problem, be thoughtful about your response. An authentic and genuine response from an actual person at your company makes you look like a good listener.
  • 5. Post Mortem: This is the time where we reflect on the situation. Was it handled successfully? What was the outcome? What can we learn for next time? You can’t buy some of these lessons or get them from a public relations firm.