Mother’s Day is on the horizon, Here are some online marketing tips that can help you to reach out potential clients.

Mother’s day is nowadays a major commercial occasion to dine at a restaurant, generating significant revenue in the U.S. jewelry industry for custom gifts as well as in other industry as spa treatments and greeting cards. So think about any relevant services or products that might be interesting for your audience. A convenient way to present those services and/or products is to publish them as a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

In addition to mothers, it is important to include: grand-mothers, wives, daughters, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, as they can potentially be mothers themselves.

As it is the case for any online activity, smartphones are the dominant platform used to perform searches, purchases, reservations, etc.. so make sure your strategy is taking mobile platforms in account. Whether it is the interface to let people browse through your services and/or products, or the purchase cart, they need to be mobile friendly.