t is not a secret that social media is impossible to avoid for businesses that looks to stay relevant. However, even if more and more businesses are aware of its importance, there are a couple of mistakes to avoid.

1. Dedicating Resources to the Wrong Platforms:

Many platforms/social networks exists but they don not have the same amount and or profile of users, knowing your audience (demography, profile, etc) is important in order to choose carefully the relevant social media and platforms.

2. Having a Narrow Definition of Social Media Marketing

Your communication strategy needs as well to make use of the specific aspects of each network. A showcase content would be more relevant to be located in one platform and on others for example.

3. Having a One-and-Done Content Strategy

Just having an account with basic information is not sufficient to create a community and drive engagement with potential audience. The content needs to be regularly revitalized with fresh content in order for the audience to keep coming back.

4. Avoiding New Content Formats (like Video)

Social media platforms are constantly adding new functions and features, videos streaming for example has dramatically change the platform landscape and previously mostly text and image platforms are now completely embarrassing video streaming (like Facebook for example where instead of sharing, it manages the hosting of the videos uploaded to their platform.

5. Not Paying to Play

Almost all social media platforms offers some kind of program to sponsor and promote content and or advertising, having a clear target is important in order to manage your budget.

6. Keeping your Social Media Separate from SEO

Robust and optimize content is important to reach out to potential audience that might not be aware of the content and dialogue that you might have to offer. Growing your audience increases the opportunities of converting your audience in clients.