What we can do for your business:

Custom Animated Videos

Watch the video below for an example of what we can do with animated videos:

Animated Video for Business Example Screenshot

Animated Video Benefits:

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No filming and travel costs

Lower overhead means that the entire production is less for animated videos.

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No actors to pay or lines to learn

Our team can record voice over scripts and professional narrations so that no one on your team will need to memorize lines or worry about being on camera.

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We can design custom characters and mascots

Do you want your videos to be narrated by an owl or a custom character created to represent your business? We can do it. We can craft a one of a kind character that will create a consistency and familiarity for your viewers across all of your videos and online presence.

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Your business can be the backdrop

We can create custom animated backgrounds that look like any part of your business for your videos. This way your characters can be in locations that will look familiar to your customers and can move and carry out the videos within that space. The sky is the limit with what we can put in your videos.

“How does the process work?”

New Image #1

Take a picture of the background:

Take some clear Hi-Resolution photos of the background that you would like to use, such as your office space. Once you send it to our team they will get started on animating the new world of your business.

Animation Office Transition Example
New Image #2

Choose your Character:

Do you want someone from your business to be turned into an animated character or have an idea of the perfect character for your videos? We can create it. Just send us some pictures of the individual or the ideas you had and our team will get to work creating the perfect spokesperson for your business.

You can be turned into animation Large
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Answer some simple questions about your business:

You know your industry better than us so we will ask you some simple questions about who you think your market is and what you would like to cover in the videos. We will also ask you what you are looking to accomplish with the videos. This will help us write the dialogue for your videos and get your message out there.

Online business branding

Ready to get started?

Custom Logo Animations

Check out the video below for a few examples of how we can make your businesses logo come alive:

New Image Logo Animation Video ScreenShot

How it works:

New Image #1


Send us a High-Resolution copy of your logo.

New Image #2


Give us a couple ideas of how you are planning on using your animated logo.

New Image #3


Send along any ideas that you think might be helpful to get us going in the right direction, and let us know of anything that you do not want to do with your logo.

That’s all you have to do. We do the rest. We will send you a draft representation of your animated logo in 5-10 business days. Soon after that, you will have a fully functioning animated logo ready to use on your social media posts or on your website.

Ready to get started?

The importance of animated videos and logos:

Traditional marketing outlets are fading and new social media opportunities are rising quickly. With the rise in popularity of smart phone users, marketers need to adapt to this changing environment. It is expected that US companies will spend 40 BILLION dollars this year on mobile ads alone. Consumers are averaging 3 hours and 15 minutes each day on their smart phones and of that timeā€“it is estimated that the average user will spend up to 36 minutes EACH DAY watching videos. Can you afford not to be in that ad space?

Research also shows that a one minute video is more effective than 8 MILLION words ! So why not use the power of video and animation to take your company to the next level? Click the link below to get on the path to reaching these millions of customers with our team of professionals.

We offer a wide variety of services to help your business reach its full potential online and in the real world. We’re your custom marketing partner.