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Animated Logo Packages

Whether you have noticed it or not, you are familiar with animated logos. They flank most commercial breaks for TV shows and individual commercials. The reason for this is that it draws the viewers eye in and then directs them towards a specific logo or brand name. Almost like waving your hands to draw attention and then pointing something out to someone. This device has been very effective at creating “stick” in the viewers mind for a particular brand or product. By animating your business’s logo, we can earn your videos and media another level of professionalism and “stick” your brand into potential client’s mind every time they pass by your business on the internet.

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Make your logo pop and draw people in

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Great for starting and ending all types of videos

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Custom sound design and sound effects

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4 Revisions

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Create more “stick” in customer’s minds

Examples of our Animated Logo Packages:

For more animated logo examples click here.

Animated Logo Packages:

Select the option that most suits your business’s needs and budget


5 concepts with 4 revisions. 3 business day turn-around time.


10 concepts with 4 revisions. 5 business day turn-around time.


15 concepts with 4 revisions. 7 business day turn-around time.

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